Importance Of Wearing Healthy Footwear

Why do we wear shoes? When watching documentaries about life in the historical times you would have seen that people are bare foot. What is the origin of shoes? Apparently, in early 1900s, an epidemic of hookworms in rural States in the USA including Mississippihad made way. Due to the lack of footwear, the worms “screwed in” to the soles of feet of people and created havoc. Use of shoes was popularized hence.

Present situation

While the hookworms or similar sort of epidemics are not so much of an issue now, footwear are still important for all of us. They are practical for example, day-to-day wear shoes, fashionable,for example ladies’ shoes, provides stability like in sports shoes and corrects medical issues such as womens orthotic shoes. Although the industry of footwear has become a large one most of it is for fashionable shows for women and sports shoes. But truly, footwear is used not only to cover feet; it can prevent forming some unpleasant infections of the foot as well as ulcers which can even lead to amputation. Some unfortunate foot conditions can be cured or corrected by the right footwear as well.

Posture and footwear

Not everyone has the perfect feet. Footwear can help in supporting and stabilizing the feet as well as heal it if there is something wrong at birth. In addition, a properly fitting shoe can help align feet with knees, hips and ankles; this, in turn, can lead to correct a person’s gait and enhance posture. However, wrongly made or worn footwear can cause unwanted stress on your feet or parts of it and spread it to the knees. Knees are not meant to absorb shocks or pressure; hence this unfortunately, can lead to knee pains, back problems and foot pain. Most of the women who wear high heeled shoes are advised to take care of their feet and legs as that can lead to severe back pains.

Get your ideal footwear

When buying footwear you have to be careful to purchase comfortable, properly fitted shoes. Poorly tailored footwear may be a cause of negative foot health. You must be aware of the length and width of the sole, especially if you order shoes online. Shoe sizes differ from country to country most of the time; also the material a shoe is made of has some say as leathers can be stretchy after some time and some plastic-based ones can cause allergic reactions. Buying a whole lot of childrens school shoes is not a prudent idea as children grow fast, especially from ten to fifteen years for boys and eight to thirteen in girls, so they will outgrow the shoes sooner than you think. Be careful of what you buy; it may be the fashion of the season or look really nice on your feet but if it causes never-ending pain, no beauty is worth it.