Is Beauty Powder Collagen Effective?

You must have come across many over the counter supplements that supports beauty and health, something as basic as fish oil for your hair and skin. Majority people get drawn to such supplements, but forget the fact that the same nutrients that they are looking for to achieve from these over the top unregulated supplements and health care products can easily be achieved through a balanced diet and a little care and consideration to what they eat. Few unregulated over the counter products promoting health and beauty may contain ingredients that may end up interacting with your existing medicines or may have such side effects that can damage your liver.

Yet being aware of how cautious one should be while consuming such over the counter health products, still health products that promotes beauty have its popularity. These beauty products comes with ingredients that claims to have an impact and increase/improve the appearance of skin from inside out. These are available in form of cereal bars, supplements, pills, powder and syrups.

Having that said, Vidaglow is very careful with its products and makes all 100% natural products and is free from ingredients such as gluten, synthetics, parabens, non GMO and dairy. Vidaglow offers a range of products that has 100% natural collagen extracts and have beauty powder made out of it. Clients have been using Vidaglows high quality marine collagen products either mixed in their smoothies, or hot drinks or something as simple as a glass of water and consume the collagen powder. And what they have been witnessing is a smoother skin, reduction in aging signs, and a glow in their skin. Furthermore, if you do more internet research, you will find a lot of researches done on collagen followed by reviews of women who have been religiously consuming collagen powder.

So why buy beauty powder rather than using beauty creams?

You must have heard the famous phrase, “You are what you eat” which cannot be any truer. If you consume healthy diet, the impact is positive and has visible difference on your skin.

Instead of applying creams that only has little or no impact on your skin, as it doesn’t get absorbed by your skin, the results stay for only a short period of time. Whereas, consuming collagen powder with drinks has a greater impact. Once the supplement is mixed in the drink and you consume it, it can easily enter your blood streams and reach to your skin cells.

Giving you better and informed knowledge before you consume any such products is what we believe, once you are satisfied and know that collagen is what you need to start focusing on, be rest assured and order away from Vidaglow. Check out their range of beauty products and especially products with marine collagen with 100% natural extracts!

Is Armaforce Good For You?

Brace yourself as the winter is coming and along with that, the season of flu and sneezes that we all dread the most. Winter in itself is so chilly and the laziness just makes you not want to do anything, on top of that, catching a flu, cold or having bad cough just makes the matters worse. If you are reading this article, then here are a few tips that we recommend you to religiously follow and keep the winter sickness at bay.  

We emphasize on strengthen your immune system, focusing on correct hygiene regimes and to getting the right vaccines. So continue reading to find out what method should you be focusing on and is good for you.  

  1. Fixing up your hygiene:  Never underestimate the importance of washed cleaned hands. When the flu season is at its peak, the most basic rule of keeping yourself protected it to make sure you wash your hands, as in flu, the germs gets easily transferred from one person to another. If you are the one who has a flu, make sure you act responsible and wash your hands after you sneeze or cough, so you can play your part in reducing the germs spread around. Secondly, a hand sanitizer is a handy fix to clean your hands and plays its part to get rid of the germs.  
  2. Take Immune Booster You can get yourself immune boosting vitamins that will help you strengthen your immune system and protect yourself from flu or cold. By consuming immune booster, the immune system will action at its best and if you have already caught a cold, it will also heal it quickly. It is most effective when you consume it at the right time and action into it fast. So what exactly does this immune booster has in its ingredients that will give you the desired results? You should be looking for olive leaf, vitamin C, andrographis and Echinacea. While all these names sound fancy and technical to understand, here is a brief description of what is their purpose and why should it be included in your immune booster. 
  • Olive Leaves: Olive leaves are always recommended in herbal context to fight the flu and cold symptoms as it also heals your sore throat, bad coughs and fever also.  
  • Zinc: Zinc plays an active part in increasing the immune system cells and strengthening them, while it play active support for other body functions.  
  • Andrographis: Another herb that also targets fever, cough and flu.  
  • Vitamin C: It decreases the severity of you cold and flu symptoms, in addition, it also increases the immune cells. Also, vitamic C also fights symptoms such as runny nose and watery eyes. 

Now instead of finding health products separately, or finding a product that has not all of these but a few ingredients which doesn’t fully helps you recover from flu and cold, we recommend you ArmaForce, an immune boosting formula that has all these ingredients, backed up by our practitioners prescription. Armaforce buy online from xeniQ along with a prescription!  armaforce-buy